Mastermind group starting next week

Dear Friends,

Starting next Wednesday, I’m running a 4-session virtual mastermind group, Leading Without Easy Answers hosted by The Aligned Center. The focus is on taking smart risks to create traction with a current business or idea.

Sessions will weave together the hard business practices necessary for success and the soft skills of the heart, passion, and communication. We will deeply explore the polarity of success, from doubting yourself to trusting yourself, needing to move fast while also moving slow enough to be thorough, the need for stability but also for dynamism, and the creative tension between taking risks and seeking safety. 

The format will be discussion mixed with hands-on tools. Working with me and other participants, each session will be an opportunity to make real progress on your idea so that you can bring it fully to life. You can see more here.

The intention is that you will walk away with increased clarity and confidence in your path forward, friendships with others on a similar path, and a clear vision for your success. 

I hope you can join me for this energizing series.