The impracticality of small ideas

Small ideas
Seem practical
At first.
More digestible
More manageable
More achievable
Than big ideas.

Start to pursue them
And you realize a problem. 
Small ideas
Don’t breathe life.
They don’t inspire you
They don’t inspire customers
They don’t inspire employees
They don’t inspire
Anyone really.
All they do
Is leave you
With an annoying little task list
That you grow to resent.

Big ideas
Are practical
Because they excite.
Even if they’re scary
They breathe life.
They capture an imagination
And project possibility
Into the future.

Find big ideas
That you’re willing to fight for
And chase them.
(Even if it means taking small steps)
(Which are not the same as small ideas)

Everything else is impractical.
A waste
Of your time and energy.