The value of the wrong direction

Sometimes the wrong direction
Is the right direction.
Because at the beginning of a journey
The two are indistinguishable.
And the alternative is no direction.

The wrong direction
Gets the boat in the water
Away from the dock
Building momentum.
It starts a voyage of discovery and learning.
It opens eyes to new lands.
It creates anticipation and possibility.
With a hand on the rudder
It’s relatively easy to assess conditions
And course correct.

By comparison
No direction is maddening.
It sits at the dock
Running through the same limited scenarios
Over and over again
While discovering and learning nothing.
It tries to chart the perfect course
In advance of movement
Which, of course, is impossible.
It creates paralysis and resignation.
The rudder is reduced
To a useless piece of wood.

In the end
Right and wrong directions
Are matters of judgement and perspective.
The real value
Is movement.